Who are we?

We are professional dancers, choreographers, and educators who have joined together as kindred spirits.  We are performers, teachers, and dreamers who continue to create dance as adults. 

Our mission: To create exciting new opportunities to share with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, the beauty and joy of live dance theater and music, and to collaborate with local artists who share this goal.

Our vision: As modern dance artists we understand that music and dance together communicate viscerally, with a non-verbal language of their own. We want our audiences to experience the passion for the arts that we feel in an intimate setting, and with original performance pieces that will kinesthetically move audiences, and touch their souls.



Stay tuned for more information as we prepare

       for our debut concert in the Fall of 2014. 

What is PAN?

Performance Art Network (PAN) is the umbrella organization that was originally formed by in 1997 as the non-profit organization which produced Macon Moving Company Dance Theatre.  Artistic Director Sharona Rubinstein moved to Memphis, TN in 2005, and continued the mission of PAN in Memphis. In August of 2013, Sharona returned to Macon, GA where she reformed the dance company, now called Macon Dance Theatre.  The mission of PAN is to continue to produce the adult modern dance company of Macon - Macon Dance Theatre, and further promote dance and other collaborative art forms here in Central Georgia.